• Do the green roofs need much looking after?

    No. The roofs are built using a substrate specially designed for the purpose and planted with species that are selected for drought-withstanding capabilities. The meadows are designed to be self-seeding and shouldn’t need to be replanted. As for watering, again, it is not strictly necessary although we have in the past watered during prolonged dry periods that have coincided with times when young seedlings have been vulnerable.

  • What sort of plants will grow? Is it just sedums?

    Although sedums are well suited to life on green roofs, we’re not huge fans – they can be a little, well, dull. We prefer to make our roofs more exciting to look at so we go for a variety of indigenous wildflowers including poppies, cornflowers and a range of wild herbs; the idea is that there should be something in flower at most times of the year. We’re always looking to try new plants too: this year we’re experimenting with wild strawberries…

  • Are the sheds secure?

    We have made every effort to make our sheds secure and deter potential thieves. Particular attention is paid to the common weak points in most shed design: the actual structure of the sheds is extremely strong; the latches and hinges are attached using either coach bolts or anti-vandal (clutch head) screws ; we recommend the option to include a gold-standard ground anchor to which the bikes can be locked inside the shed; the door latch is fastened with a mini-D-lock.

  • How much do they cost?

    Because our sheds are bespoke the cost of each is different. However, as a guide, prices for a 2m x 1m area shed start at approximately £750. While we do our best to keep the costs as low as possible, our clients value our service in providing attractive, secure and environmentally responsible solutions.

  • Can I design my own shed?

    We are happy to provide a consultancy service to assist you should you wish to go “DIY”. Alternatively, we will be pleased to try to accommodate your vision where possible when designing your shed.

  • How big does my front garden have to be to fit one of your sheds?

    Well, given the average bike size, you probably need a clear, level area of at least 2m x 1m.

  • We don’t have a front garden. Can you make one in our back garden?

    Of course! We’re happy to install one wherever you want it.