What we do

If you want somewhere to store your bicycles or hide your unsightly wheelie bins and recycling boxes, we can help.

We make bespoke, bike and bin sheds and shelters, each with their own integral meadow of British wildflowers. The sheds/shelters are individually designed to fit your space. We will visit the site, measure up, and design and build your unit before returning to install your shed complete with its own green roof.

These are not just cheap sheds that can be bought at your local DIY centre: we believe that our sheds can be part of a solution to a number of problems.

  1. We know the frustration of having bikes stolen so we make every effort to make our sheds as secure as possible, offering gold-standard ground anchors as part of our service.

    Because our sheds have to support the weight of 10cm of soil they are incredibly strong, which has the benefit of making them incredibly secure. On top of this, we use anti-vandal unscrewable screws to fix all ironmongery and we offer the option of concreting a ground anchor into the floor for you to lock your bikes to inside the shed.

  2. We don’t focus solely on security at the expense of aesthetics. The sheds are designed to enhance their immediate environment, by bringing nature closer to home. The green roofs bring a welcome splash of colour to otherwise drab urban landscapes.

    Our roofs are planted with a wide range of species that are specially selected to survive harsh conditions and are able to withstand prolonged dry periods. Many of the plants we use have also been selected because they appeal to a number of threatened insect and animal species.

  3. Not only that, they have a truly positive effect on the wider environment, enhancing biodiversity and contributing to the growing issue of flood water run-off.

    Water is fast becoming one of the world’s most scarce commodities, while simultaneously floods are an increasing threat to communities from the UK to Australia. Governments are addressing the issue with directives such as the new SUDS regulations (LINK), but we believe our green roofs could enable every household to do their bit to reduce water run-off.

Each shed is designed to fit its site but typically they’re a solid timber frame (built from responsibly source timber, naturally) with a 15mm shiplap cladding finished with environmentally friendly preservative treatment (available in a range of 16 colours).

All you have to do is make sure the site is prepared and level before we arrive with the shed: we take care of the rest. (Of course, if you don’t fancy doing this we can take care of it for you, but there will be a charge for this.)