Who we are

Dulwich Green is a small, family-run firm started by me, Kevin McCreeth.

In 2007 I developed a fascination with living roofs, so I built one over a new shed I designed in the back garden of our London home. At the same time cycling had become a huge part of family life as Ellie and I commuted to work and our two kids – Maddie , 7, and Rafferty, 4 – started to hone their skills. The increasing number of bikes in the house demanded a home and the solution was obvious – a green roofed bike shed. I enjoyed the process so much and felt so passionate about my solution to one of urban cycling’s biggest problems that I started making them for friends.

In the spring of 2010 I left my job as Associate Editor at Heat magazine. Having spent ten years at the heart of the action in the world of celebrity, I was keen to do something that was the polar opposite and to leave a more lasting legacy that I could be justly proud of. The obvious step was to start making my green-roofed bike sheds for a living.

And so it was that Dulwich Green started in the side return of our little terraced home in south-east London.