Why we do it

We believe we’ve found a neat solution to some of the big problems facing urban cyclists:

  • Where to store your bike(s).

    How many of us have to leave our bikes in a spare room or under the stairs because there’s nowhere secure outside to lock our valuable bike? How many of us are sick (or have partners who are sick) of trashing our homes everyday as we wheel dirty wet bicycles through the house? How many of us need the room that has up to now been our bike store because it’s going to be a nursery?

    Well, for many of us a secure bike shed, at the front or the back of the house, can be the answer

  • How to combat bike theft.

    Any bike left outside is at risk, particularly your new, £1,000 Cycle To Work scheme bike. So security is paramount. Our sheds are remarkably strong (they have to be to support the green roof!) and in addition we give you the option of including a gold-standard ground anchor to lock your bikes to.

  • Maximise your contribution to your environment.

    Green roofs not only look fabulous, they make a major contribution to increasing biodiversity and combatting flood risk by reducing water run-off.

  • Ultimately, we’re interested in making a positive contribution to city life while at the same time leaving a legacy that our children can be proud of.